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Blaine & Rachel | New York, New York

il y a 1 heure // ughhhhhhhh - i'm spiraling - rachel berry - blaine anderson - otp: your face tastes awesome - tv: the rachel berry show - + 1002
il y a 8 heures // casual rachel is the damn cutest - this ep was wack tho - rachel berry - tv: the rachel berry show - the-sarfati + 537

marketing at its finest

il y a 1 jour + 2

Valar Morghulis

il y a 1 jour // yeah bitch - death cw - game of thrones spoilers - tv: you win or you die - oberynmatell + 4088
il y a 1 jour // incredible - an inspiration - oberyn martell - tyrion lannister - tv: you win or you die - hollandes + 15240


wazza fryles: a love story

harry styles and lord walder frey are in love. this mix is about that tumultuous, dangerous, passionate love, from the first time they set eyes upon each other - lord w. sees harry the minstrel with flowers in his hair and a lute at his hip at a distance. harry is laughing and wally falls instantly in love; he doesn’t realise that harry traveled all the way to the twins because of stories he heard about lord walder, because he fell in love from afar - through the honeymoon period where they are brilliantly happy in ind love, to the very bitter end, where hazza realises precisely who wally is as a person and questions whether it is safer to stay with the man he loves or to escape his clutches. </3

track listing:

  1. i knew you were trouble- taylor swift (“i knew you were trouble when you walked in, trouble, trouble, trouble”)
  2. love you much better - the hush sound (“i can love you much better and you know someday i’m going to make you mine. you are the daydream in my eyes, there whenever i wake up”)
  3. you’re my only shorty - demi lovato ft. iyaz (the wazza fryles theme) (“you’re in demand but baby, baby, so am i… i’m telling you the truth, girl, it’s only you. you’re my only shorty”)
  4. don’t you worry none - grace pettis (“now i’ve known my share of sweet talkers, pretty boys with plenty of charm, but ain’t no boy can do what my man can do when he takes me in his arms”)
  5. who needs enemies? - the cooper temple clause (“who needs accidents when you’ve got me, now i’m on your side… come on let me teach you, boy, teach you ‘bout it all”)
  6. my dilemma - selena gomez and the scene (“your eyes have told a thousand lies but i believe them when they look in mine. i heard the rumors but you won’t come clean, i guess i’m hoping it’s because of me… and I know you’re no good for me… here’s my dilemma, one half of me wants ya, and the other half wants to forget”)
  7. sweet life - frank ocean (“you’ve had a landscaper and a housekeeper since you were born…  and the water, is exactly what i wanted, it’s everything i thought it would be. but this neighborhood is gettin’ trippier every day”)
  8. sympathy for the devil - the indelicates (“love, i just rebel. hang heaven, we an build a better war for us in hell… i’m sorry that i met you and i’m begging darling please, come meet me a the border in the morning”)
  9. helpless kiss - antje duvekot (“the fog in our bedroom was thicker than before. i called your name and it felt like war.”)
  10. poison & wine - the civil wars (“oh your hands can heal, your hands can bruise. i don’t have a choice but i’d still choose you, oh i don’t love you but i always will”)
  11. don’t - jewel (“please don’t let me fall in love with you again. please let me forget all those sweet smiles, all of the passion.”)
  12. anticlimax - kat flint (“all i need is time to grow up, to grow bored, to grow wise, but you’re so beautiful tonight”)
  13. samson - regina spektor (“you are my sweetest downfall, i loved you first, i loved you first. beneath the stars came fallin’ on our heads but they’re just old light”)
il y a 1 jour // important - + 23

why choose

il y a 3 jours // food cw - + 4
il y a 3 jours // that headband is so dang cute - snl - taylor swift - taylorsvift + 1118


what a beautiful day for a wedding!

il y a 3 jours // indeed - avatarskorra + 3265

early sunday (at Cape Cod Mall)

il y a 3 jours